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Dance Dance Revolution (Konami)

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Step into the spotlight and break out your dance move. This game will make you feel like you're in a disco inferno! This innovative game offers fun and excitement and a great workout! Features hot, pulsating dance music with a glittering light show. You can dance with a partner, or go solo on the dance floor. Do you have the rhythm? Then step up onto the stage and prove it!

A “Simon-says” style music game - move and groove to the music by stepping on the arrows as they scroll up the screen. As the arrows reach the top of the screen, press the corresponding button(s) with your feet. Do well enough, and you progress to the next stage! If your skill level gets high enough, look for hidden modes to get down with. The songs range from one foot (simple) (they are rated in feet instead of stars) up to nine - known as 'Catastrophic' - increasing in difficulty and speed (beats per min) as you progress.

Lights under the sensor pads illuminate when pressed, neon flashing lights flicker in time to the music, and overhead multi-colored lighting combine to create a dance-party feeling.