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Dark Escape 4D

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Face your fears with NAMCO's unique horror shooter, Dark Escape 4D. This game is in a class of its own. Wearing 3D glasses, players try to escape from a mad man's sick and twisted game by shooting their way out with weapons that he provides. Experimental creatures and the undead leap from the game cabinet's 46" high definition screen. Players can choose to play any of the four fear-themed stages. A bonus fifth stage is available once all four stages are completed.

The game knows when you are scared: Panic sensors display each player's heart rate on the screen and record every panic attack.

You don’t just see the monsters – you FEEL them too! With built-in air blowers in the front and back, players feel the breath of a chasing zombie on the back of their necks or a blast of air on their face when a monster lunges at them. Heavy recoil guns and a rumble seat provide additional terrifying elements that complement the game's immersive game play.

Each player has their own surround sound speakers (a total of seven + a sub-woofer) so they can truly experience the terror coming from all around.

All of these intense features combine to create one of the most unique and frightening arcade gaming experiences ever!