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Mach Storm

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The Mach Storm Combat Pilot Arcade Simulator is an air combat simulator that offers an experience unlike any other game on the market today! The huge unique cabinet design gives the player a true cockpit to sit in while playing. Mach Storm’s Domed Screen gives players an incredible high-definition 180° degree sky view of fights and battles direct from the flight deck!

Players can select from 5 different combat missions and all missions are set in real cities around the world. Each "combat city" has a set mission difficulty level.

Not only do players see the action all around them - they actually FEEL the action through the Force Feedback Joystick and the thundering bass from a subwoofer installed inside the cockpit seat. Players feel the rumble when they shoot down an enemy aircraft, and wind elements (air fans) placed inside the cockpit give an additional feeling of flying in the open sky!