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Maximum Tune 3DX

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(Used Game for Sale) The two-player Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3DX is linkable (up to two units) for four-player head-to-head competition. Maximum Tune 3DX features player buy-in, the rewritable “Tuning Card” system, numerous courses, selectable cars (6 manufacturers and 38 different car types!) and four different Modes.

Story Mode: Story Mode is the main mode of this game. The characters from the original comic appear as your rivals. Your mission in this game is to race against these characters and defeat them.

Ghost Versus Battle Mode: When you play Ghost Versus Battle Mode, a "ghost" will be created. The "ghost" drives the same way as the player from which the ghost was created, so when you race against a ghost, you feel like you are racing with a real player.

10 Outrun Mode: In this mode, you have to defeat rivals in succession. You win if you defeat 10 rivals in succession. There are 7 courses in this mode.

Time Attack Mode: In Time Attack mode, you run alone in the course and compete against the clock. There are 13 courses available in Time Attack Mode.

Maximum Tune 3DX features a number of different racecourses, including the Wangan Line, Yokohane Line, Nagoya Speed Ring, Hanshin Expressway Loop, Metropolitan Expressway and the Hakone racecourse. Hakone is a famous, mountainous road in Japan. This course is unlike the high-speed courses set in the metropolitan highway. Players must negotiate the abrupt; hairpin turns on this winding road. The “Dawn” and “Midnight” feature make the Hakone course extremely difficult to navigate in the bleak darkness and steep terrain.