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Pump It Up Prime

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Pump it Up is a Music Dance Game. Select a song and step to the beat in time with the arrows as they scroll up the screen. The better you dance, the better your chances of advancing to the next stage. But if you mess up too much, you are finished!

This new Pump It Up comes with over 400 popular songs from Hip Hop, Dubstep, Techno, Drum N' Bass, Pop, K-Pop and more. It’s also loaded with over 3,000 step charts to choose from!

Pump It Up Prime 2015 contains four standard modes of play : "Easy Mode" for Beginners, "Music Train Mode" for Challengers, "Mission Mode" for Enthusiasts plus "Arcade Mode" for all players. Pump It Up also has "Basic Mode" for new players, "Full Mode" for the pros, and two new modes : "Rank Mode" for those past the 13 Step Level and "Quest Mode" which is an update of "Mission Mode". And with the new Pump it Up Online Ranking System, players can see their rankings and rivals in real-time. Players also have various categories to compete in, including Top Score Ranking and Top 10 Step Charts. Not only this - players can make custom dance steps via USB.

42” Monitor Width : 1780mm Depth : 2000mm Height : 2150mm