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Tomy Waterfuls

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Remember playing with the Tomy Waterfuls hand-held toy as a kid? If you were one of the millions who were entertained by one of those games, then get ready to experience this in a way that only arcades can do, with the Tomy Waterfuls by ICE. The arcade model takes the basic idea of the original toy and expands it into a life-sized model with cutting edge technology. There is no water present in these machines, but thanks to an amazing Mixed Reality (MXR) display, it looks that way! The goal of each game is the same as the toy: push the giant button to create an invisible ‘jet’ of water that carries the virtual rings up the screen a slight distance. By controlling the pressure of the button push and getting the timing down right, you must get the rings from the ground up onto the fixed physical pegs inside of the game. The more rings you can get onto the peg before the time runs out, the more tickets you win!