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Sega Marine Fishing

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The sequel to Sega Bass Fishing or "Get Bass", Sega Marine Fishing takes almost everything from Sega Bass Fishing and improves it almost exponentially. What you end up with is more fish to rob from their ecosystems, more lures to catch them with, more modes, over 200 unlockable items, an aquarium, mini-games, improved graphics, a better soundtrack, more sophistications to the gameplay, and easily one of the best arcade-style fishing experiences you'll find. With exotic locales, a large variety of fish that can be captured, fish of varying size and weight, more intricate fishing rod manuevers and "Lure Actions", more challenging fish, and greater longevity, this game is packed with excitement.

Sega Marine Fishing is a fishing video game in which the player attempts to catch various marine sport fish. Each stage has its own point target. Players score points each time they catch a fish. Points vary from fish to fish - the more difficult the fish the higher the points. If the Total Points scored reaches the Point Target before the countdown time becomes zero, he/she can move on to the next stage.

The gameplay's emphasis is on enticing fish to bite onto the lure and then successfully fighting the fish and reeling it to the boat. As the player catches fish, they earn item cards. Items earned with these cards include fish and artifacts for an aquarium, fishing equipment, additional boats, and various goofy accessories such as different colored shorts.