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Prices vary depending upon the game(s) chosen. A lot of the cost is in the delivery and set up, so hiring games for one day versus multiple days will not necessarily cost significantly more. Prices start from $650.

It is important to consider not only the space, but also the access (doorways, stairs, corridors, etc.) when hiring a game. Generally we need to be able to wheel a game into a location – lifting games, particularly up or down stairs, is extremely difficult. The game dimensions provided are for assembled games. Some games may be broken down into smaller components for delivery.

The arcade games we hire are usually set to free play which ensures a constant flow of players and also means there are no other costs involved other than the delivery and set up.

We generally need a week’s notice. This gives us time to move the game from location to the workshop, clean and test the game and ensure it is in tip top condition. It also gives us time to customize any game settings required for the hire.

Provided we have sufficient notice and access our delivery and pick up times are very flexible. However, we prefer not to deliver or pick up games between 1am and 6am.

Generally no, as they need to be installed by our technicians to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards.

Yes, however this will add to the cost.

No. All games are designed to be operated without an attendant. However, you may decide to have an attendant on hand to answer questions or to run competitions. Our technicians will talk you through the game operation when they set it up on site.

You can run competitions but you will need to record your own results/times. We are happy to advise on different competition formats.

It depends on the game. Many of our driving and sports games (and others – please enquire) are able to be linked.

We have on-call staff ready to assist and visit the site if necessary.

Normal household single-phase 230 V / 10 amp power supply (standard power socket) is required.

Power consumption varies from game to game but on average around 2.5 amps per game is required.

Most games are not made for outdoor use but some games can be placed outside as long as they are under cover (e.g. a tent) and have adequate safe outdoor power supply. Please enquire.